Palm Oil Refineries

Mill Production and Effluent Pond Motor Control M&E

Our M&E services for large-scale palm oil refinery plants are designed to meet the industrial standard of safety, efficiency, and reliability. We specialise in the design and installation of Effluent Pond Motor Control and Mill Production Systems. All our systems are designed to provide a high level of automation for maximum production efficiency while also granting facility operators comprehensive control over every system.

Effluent Pond Motor Control Systems

  • Flow & Pressure Control (Variable Speed Drives)
  • Custom PLCs (valve automation, clock timing, auto flood wash/pit flush, automated pond stirring, etc.)
  • Flow, pressure and effluent monitoring
  • Sensor systems (travel speed sensing, GPS, data capture)

Palm Oil Mill Production System

  • Steriliser
  • Shredder
  • Effluent treatment and control systems


Though our automated control systems help reduce personnel involvement, electrical systems must still be for safe for people. This includes employing a range of safety measures, including disconnect devices, insulated terminals, current-limiting devices, arc- flash mitigation devices, and energy-reducing maintenance switches to facilitate safer maintenance.