Hospitals and Malls

HVAC System


We design HVAC systems for malls that provide comfort and healthy air quality for customers while maximising energy efficiency to reduce operating costs. We can also customise systems for individual control for single-tenant units - or Single Zone systems that regulate air conditioning for shared areas.


For hospitals, we design HVAC systems that are optimised to maintain aseptic air quality that minimises nosocomial infections, impede the proliferation and spread of pathogens, and provide comfort to patients and hospital staff.

In addition to these systems, we include air quality monitors to help hospitals maintain the circulation of good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) - essential to protect patients with weakened immunity.

HVAC System Considerations

  • Air filtration
  • Local air-conditioning and ventilation for individual tenants
  • Single Zone system
  • Multiple Zone system
  • High-efficiency chillers and pumps
  • Remote monitoring
  • Humidity Control
  • Real-time Air Quality Monitors & Facility Management
  • Recirculation & Ventilation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water Processing
  • Fire Protection
  • Redundancy Systems
  • Air Balance
  • Exhaust
  • Routine maintenance and cleaning

Fire Safety System

We design and install full fire safety systems for both hospitals and malls, combining strategic deployment of fire fighting devices and carefully planned electrical systems that can minimise and mitigate the danger of fire accidents.

  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Fire Suppression Systems (Wet Fire Sprinkler, Fire-Fighting Pumps)
  • Dry Pipe System
  • Detection Systems (smoke detectors, heat detectors)
  • Escape Route Guidance (emergency lighting, exit signs)