Industrial Factory

M&E Design, Build and Installation

JS M&E provides mechanical and electrical engineering services for industrial factories that maximise site management efficiency, cost-effectiveness, safety, and reliability. Our management team will oversee the planning, installation, and testing of systems at every stage of the project to ensure optimal outcomes.

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Hospitals and Malls

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)

We design and install HVAC systems based on your facility type, budget, and other requirements, after assessing project needs in-depth to determine the best panel type and airflow design. We design HVAC systems that maximise efficiency and cost-effectiveness while improving comfort, air quality, and health.

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Palm Oil Estate

High Tension Cables & Standard Cables

We design and install high-tension and standard cabling for a range of palm oil estate heavy machinery and equipment to achieve a high level of mechanisation at all stages of production. Our high-tension and standard cabling are tested to withstand long-term outdoor exposure without damage.

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Palm Oil Refinery

Electrical Wiring & Control Systems

We design and build Electrical Wiring & Control Systems for large-scale palm oil refinery plants that meet the industrial standard of safety, efficiency, and reliability. Our M&E engineering services support refinery automated systems that help minimise human involvement at every stage of production, improving speed, productivity, and worker safety.

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